10 Unusual Things Around the World

Believe it or not, Earth has some weirdly beautiful places to explore. A lot of creepy things are happening in various corners of our very planet. If you are bored with the monotony of your daily life, take a break and plan for a visit. As of now, you ‘should’ check out the 10 strange things occurring around the world or you’ll miss the best of wonders.

10 amazingly strange things in the world:

1. White Rainbows: The white mystic band on sky 


“Keep looking up; there might be the brightest rainbow awaiting you.” Well, this time, it’s not the seven colors but the magical white rainbow up in the sky.

Also fog bow, white rainbows are formed mainly in fog when rain drops are very small (around 0.05 mm).

2. Green Flash: Emerald flash at the horizon


A common notion states: the setting sun leaves behind a crimson sky. If you are lucky, you can even see brilliant green flash before sunrise or after sunset.

When the sun remains below the horizon entirely, the upper rim often appears to be green and ‘green flash’ is that blaze of the color. Once you see it, belief says, you would never go wrong in matters of love and heart!

3. Everlasting Storm: Non-stop roar of nature


Willing to see a furious, non-stop storm? Catatumbo River in Venezuela has this roaring wonder of nature! As estimated, this unique occurrence generates around 1.2m lightning strikes every year and sizzles for 300 days. Interestingly, you can see it away from 250 miles.

For thousands of years, this electrifying intensity has been continuing to be the rawest beauty of Mother Earth.

4. Danxia Landforms: Magnificence of color in nature


China has this prized possession of colorful landforms. Red sandstone and mineral deposit since more than 24 million years, resulted in these layers of rock. They are a visionary treat with their grand and aesthetic appearance. 

5. Blue Lava: Stunning blue flames from volcano


Blue lava actually does exist – in East Indonesia! Unlike textbooks that read only yellow and bright red molten rock as lava, there is blue lava that flows out of Kawah Ijen volcano.

The science behind this blue flame: Because of its high temperature and pure sulfur in high concentration.

6. Black Sun starlings: European winged beauty adorning Denmark sky


Denmark sky is adorned every spring and autumn by the migratory European starlings. The stunning feature is when countless of them attempt to land. Together they perform circular formations and aerial ballets are turning the sky dark at sunset. They mainly come to the territories that are secured with reeds.

7. Rainbow Trees: Living rainbow!


Rainbow trees are basically Australian eucalyptus with intensely colorful barks. Another outstanding feature of this tree is its astringent fragrance that will never let you forget it. Indeed, one of the most gorgeous barks on Earth!

8. Never Ending Wave: Every surfer’s dream!


Wish to ride the endless waves on Earth; being specific, in Brazil? Located in Amazon River, these are Atlantic tides that generate up to 12 feet high waves. Want to experience the most dangerous pororoca (another name)? Visit during equinox and full moon.

9. Flowering Desert: Colorful driest place!


Witness the transformation of nature at Chile’s Atacama Desert. No camera trick! During September and November, varieties of flowers embellish the sandy land. It transforms into a complete desert for the rest of the time.

10. Lenticular Clouds: Lens-shaped cloud covering!


When air travels over mountain peaks, they cool down forming the phenomenon of condensation. These standing waves don’t move, are smooth and look like pancakes. You might confuse these with UFOs! 

Explore the wonders!

(Image Credits: Imgur)

10 Unusual Things Around the World

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