A Grandma Takes On 6 Robbers With Her Handbag

In 2011 ‘Supergran’ Ann Timson, stepped in to prevent a raid on a jewellery store by simply using her handbag.

Aged 71, the pensioner was minding her own business while shopping in Northampton, UK, when she noticed a commotion further down the street.

Parked in front of a jewellery store were three mopeds with riders at the helm. There were also three other men armed with lump hammers attempting to smash in the front windows.

Without a thought for her own safety, Mrs Timson ran down the street towards the mob and started swinging her handbag.

First she targeted one of the men on the motorbikes, clobbering him across the head.

She then turned towards the three smashing the window, swinging her bag in an attempt to halt the raid.

Stunned by her actions, the men fled the scene. However, one was in such a hurry to get away from the ferocious grandmother that he fell off his moped.

Seeing an opportunity to detain one of the gang, Mrs Timson continued to lash him with her handbag, keeping him on the ground until other members of the public stepped in to assist.

The man was subsequently pinned to the ground until police arrived and took him into custody.

Mrs Timson later told the Mirror:

“I don’t think I had time to be really frightened… I only had my handbag so I knew that would have to do. Thankfully, I had 15 one-pound coins in my purse so it became a good, heavy weapon!”

Thanks to Ann’s intervention, five of the gang members were eventually arrested and after trial were sentenced to a total of 26 years.

Mrs Timson’s brave exploits saw her hailed as a ‘handbag heroine’. In an interview with NBC she insisted that she was not a hero.

The adrenaline was going. I think I was very very angry that they would dare to do that in daylight. Why should they get away with it?’

Watch Footage Of Ann Timson As She Fights Off The Armed Robbers

(Source: The Mirror, Daily Mail, Image Credits: Youtube)

A Grandma Takes On 6 Robbers With Her Handbag

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