Embarrassing Photos Of Hitler, That He Wanted No One To See

There are some people who rule the pages of history today for their activities and impact on the world as a whole. But again, there is always a personal space where one brings out one’s real self, isn’t it? One of such private moments got disclosed. Guess whose? Adolf Hitler! You would be really surprised to know that the famous Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler has a secret regarding his leadership skills.

Do you know Hitler was much into rhetoric practices? Yes! He is known for his excellent skills of oration. An interesting fact is; he used to practice those gestures and ways of presenting himself before speaking in public.


Behind the screen, Hitler was self-consciousness!

Adolf Hitler was extremely self-conscious about how he behaved and appeared. Public speaking demands a high level of confidence and people often overcome successfully, or they accept their weaknesses. And then there is Hitler who fakes it! 

Indeed he has delivered some of his most powerful and influential speeches that created history. But, this talent was not natural. He used to experiment with his expressions and gesticulations to evaluate whether he was behaving correct or was looking ridiculous.     

And how did the world get to know this?

A revelation after 90 years    

Those candid moments of rehearsals in private were captured by his friend and personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann (of course, with his future leader’s instructions). Through those photographs, Adolf Hitler used to review his conducts and appearance. In fact, he used to practice them again and again in various styles and conducts.

Image Credit: Heinrich Hoffmann/Getty

You can call them ‘historic shots’ as Hitler wanted them to be destroyed. He wanted to keep those away from the eyes of the world. According to him, the images were ‘beneath one’s dignity.’ But Hoffmann chose to keep those in his studio, giving the burgeoning authoritarian no hint of doing so.

After 90 years of that order, the images got revealed in Hoffmann’s biography ‘Hitler was my friend’ in the 1950s. In 2012, the book was reissued along with the pictures. The latest worldwide spread happened after a German press republished the memoir recently.   

He really worked hard for this!

Image Credit: Heinrich Hoffmann/Getty

Adolf Hitler’s intentions: Post Munich Putsch case

When did he start doing so?

It was back in 1925 when this Nazi leader was released after being imprisoned for the ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ (also known as Munich Putsch) incident. He was 35 then. The intention was to take power in Munich, but the attempt failed following which he was put behind bars.

Image Credit: Heinrich Hoffmann/Getty

In his autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’ written during that period, he stated about his hunger to rule Germany. And that’s when he felt the need of polishing his oratory skills.   

The beer halls were the first places where Hitler gradually developed his talent of giving hate-mongering dialogs. After some of those dynamic practices, came his brainstorming speeches to hypnotize the large gathering of obsequious followers. However, no matter how ‘Hitler as a buffoon’ is revealed from the photographs, he could sincerely make people believe and follow him. Well, the rest is history!


Image Credit: Heinrich Hoffmann/Getty

Image Credit: Heinrich Hoffmann/Getty

(Image Credits: Heinrich Hoffmann/Getty)

Embarrassing Photos Of Hitler, That He Wanted No One To See

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