The Lost City of Atlantis

There are many myths and stories in the world; some are downright crazy while others have a little of truth in them. But Atlantis is indeed one of those locations that could have existed. Until we have proof, we can only tell that this is a fictional island where some of the smartest people on the planet created an outstanding, highly advanced city. What you have to note here is that there are many stories surrounding this, with the one created by Plato being the one that’s extremely popular.

This is one of the stories that captures your imagination. The story of Atlantis was told in 360 BC. Apparently, the founders of this city were half human and half god. They wanted to create a utopian civilization with a massive naval power.


The city was separated by various moats. They also had a canal which penetrated the central area. Another thing that the stories say is that the islands were lush and they had a wide variety of precious metals. That was also the place where you could find rare wildlife too.

No one knows where this particular city was located. Some state that it was somewhere on the coast of Spain, others say Antarctica and others even state the Mediterranean. It’s hard to pinpoint the location of such a city, but the idea here is that there may be a shred of truth. There were numerous smaller islands that disappeared throughout the years, although we could have seen any remains.

According to Plato, who wrote about Atlantis, it seems that the city existed around 9000 years before his time alone. The stories were passed by intellectuals from one to the other, so it’s hard to pinpoint a true origin of this particular location, you can rest assured of that. However, just like the history of the Titanic is based on real events, Atlantis may be based on something real too.


Around 3600 years ago, there was a massive volcanic eruption near the island of Santorini. So, there were, even more, eruptions like this beforehand, which is why there may be a hidden city like this somewhere in the world. The only downside here is that divers didn’t find it as of yet. So, the theory may not hold that much for the long term. But it clearly shows that there was something to see there, so only time will tell us if there was something there or not.

The story of Atlantis is more than just a myth, it encompasses one of the most important stories about our society. It’s very hard to tell if this place existed or not, but our society did evolve quite a bit and it’s plausible that intelligent people actually created their own lush city. However, things can be exaggerated via worth of mouth, especially during hundreds of years. So you may want to take this with a grain of salt, obviously. Still, it is one of those legends that have managed to surpass the limits of time, so hopefully humanity will be able to find out more about this as years pass by!

The Lost City of Atlantis

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