Psychotria Elata: The Hooker’s Lips Plant

Psychotria Elata is one of the plants that will impress you with its rather unique visuals right from the start. But what makes this plant so interesting? Well, right when you see it, things will become pretty obvious.

The Hooker’s Lips Plant actually seems to be pretty similar to some very large lips. The details included in here is so amazing that you do believe these are the lips of a woman and not the way this plant looks.

You can find this plant in Costa Rica and Columbia. It’s basically a small tree that has some very impressive red flowers. It’s these red flowers of the plant that look like this and impress people from all over the world.

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It’s not easy to find this plant, that’s for sure. The idea is that their habitat is found at around 400 meters and it constantly grows all the time. They are particularly growing in damp soils, which makes them even harder to reach when compared to regular plants.

The downside is that this plant has now come close to extinction, mainly because its homeland was affected by constant deforestation. This is rather sad, considering that it is unique and has a very impressive set of visuals, to begin with.

There is a confusion though. People believe that the lips of this plant are the actual flower. No, this plant’s flower does not look like that, in fact, the flowers come in between the lips. The overall lips are just modified leaves. They are actually named bracts. It’s rather incredible to see all of this and it clearly shows how unique and diverse humanity and our society really is, to begin with.

What you will note about these plants is that their leaves spread rather fast to make a place for the flowers. It’s a really interesting thing to note and one of the many marvels that you can see in our world, But this plant is distinct and once you see it, you will definitely be impressed with its looks. It really is an amazing, extraordinary plant that is going to impress everyone with its rather unique and distinct appeal.

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It’s safe to say that the hooker’s lips plant is a delight to see, but since its homeland is affected by deforestation, it gets harder and harder to see all these plants. One thing is certain, we are going to deal with this issue no matter if we like it or not. But this plant is still an extraordinary, wonderful plant that will definitely impress everyone who sees it.

In the end, all we can do is to protect this plant the best way we can. It will not be easy, but we have to do all of that to the best of our capabilities. Hopefully, we will be able to complete this goal and the hooker’s lips plant will live on in its habitat!

Psychotria Elata: The Hooker’s Lips Plant

  • Justine Eremugo

    This is an amazing flower….Nature does it all for us. I love this particular one

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