Tempelhof Airport, The Airport That Has Become A Shell Of Its Former Glory!

If there’s one thing that people can’t explain, that would be why the Tempelhof Airport is still out of service after so many years. This was one of the airports located in the SC Berlin, and it stopped operating in 2008.

The airport was created in 1923, and the old terminal dates from 1927 as well. In order to boost the air traffic for their security, the German government started a major reconstruction of the Tempelhof Airport in the 1930s.


Also, the Tempelhof Airport is cited in many places to be one of the oldest operating airports in the world. However, multiple other airports were disputing this claim as they tried to acquire this title as well.

What we do know about the Tempelhof Airport is that it was one of the major airports created before WWII and it was a bit bigger when compared to the Le Bourget Airport and the Croydon Airport. Moreover, it was the central piece of the Berlin Airlift a few years after the war.

There are many things that made the Tempelhof Airport stand out. Maybe the primary one is the canopy style roof that was extended a bit over the apron. It managed to comfortably accommodate most of the modern airlines in the 1950s and 1970s, not to mention that these canopies protected people against climate changes too.

The main building of the Tempelhof Airport was named as one of the largest buildings on the planet for many times. However, as a contract, it’s important to note that it did have the smallest duty-free stop on the planet.

There are quite a lot of stories regarding the importance that the Tempelhof Airport had during WWII and the fact that it still functioned as a commercial airport as well. But this all stopped when the airport was closed.


Yes, the Tempelhof Airport was closed on the 30th of October 2008. The reason why that happened was due to a referendum. It was mostly because the airport was rather old and it was suitable as a recreational space instead of a fully-fledged airport, to begin with.

Tempelhof Airport is going to become an emergency refugee camp, so there are other uses for this fabled airport, to begin with. But the simple fact that one of the largest airports in the world is not abandoned and certainly not in use is a mystery for all of us. Maybe things will end up changing a little bit, although it’s still pretty unclear what the future will hold for this airport.

Still, visiting the Tempelhof Airport can be a delight, especially since this is one of the oldest airports in the world. That unique allure, combined with the outstanding visual appeal of the airport, recommends it as one of the most impressive former airports in the world. Hopefully, the Tempelhof Airport will be reopened some day. But until then, there are some other uses for it, some of which are humanitarian. Even close to a decade after its construction, the Tempelhof Airport still manages to make a difference in the world!

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Tempelhof Airport, The Airport That Has Become A Shell Of Its Former Glory!

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