World’s Longest Fingernails – Unclipped For 60 Years

There are some records which are quite interesting and some of them are actually very bizarre. As you will see here, the man who has the longest fingernails in the world hasn’t really clipped them for more than 60 years. The interesting thing is that even if they are very hard to deal with, he still continues to have them this way.

The name of this man is Shridhar Chillal and he lives in Pune, India. He didn’t cut the fingernails of the left hand, the right one does have the fingernails clipped, which is quite interesting.

He started growing his fingernails while he was still in school. He cumulates a length of around 909 cm for his fingernails. As you can imagine, that is downright insane and it clearly shows the length that the fingernails can have if you let them stay unclipped for too long. The longest nail actually is two meters long and it ends up curling into a tight coil.


The middle fingernail is around 1.8 meters long. The index fingernail is only 1.6 meters long, but it shows that it is a very large and downright unique thing that people are amazed at.

As you can imagine, living with these type of nails is not that simple to do. This can easily sabotage your life and it can make things very demanding most of the time. Moving is very hard for him, so he has to wake up and move his hand to the other side of the bed. It’s not exactly a pleasant experience to have fingernails that are so long. But at the end of the day, the life on its own tends to be more interesting and you will also be a record holder.


His focus on having the longest nails in the world was what pushed him to move onward with this madness. It really is a challenging and downright insane thing that he did here. But he did it and it really is incredible, to be honest. It’s important to note that he grew them in order to show the importance that people should show for them.

Until the age of 29, he actually had long nails on both hands. After he got married at that age, he decided to actually remove the ones from the left hand. He even took on photography and tried to have a normal life. It’s very interesting to see something like this, that’s for sure. It was an incredible opportunity and one that showed just how much power he had in the longer run.

That being said, seeing such fingernails can be a downright impressive experience. It’s safe to say that these are some outstanding fingernails and you won’t be able to see such a thing anywhere else. That being said, you will definitely grow a lot of respect for a man that has dedicated his life to something like this!

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World’s Longest Fingernails – Unclipped For 60 Years

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