Tokyo’s Incredible Underground Bicycle Parking

Our cities are getting all the more crowded and most of us have experienced the frustration of trying to find a car park in such places.

Well spare a thought for the residents of Tokyo. With now over 13 million people living in the city, they no longer only sweat about finding a place to dump the car; simply trying to park your bicycle is also an issue.

However, true to Japanese form a genius solution to the growing space problem has been designed and built.

The ECO-Cycle Park is a fully automated bicycle storage system buried 11 meters under the city streets that can hold up to 200 bikes.

Tokyo’s Incredible Underground Bicycle Parking System 7

Japanese company Giken Seisakusho, which specializes in tidal and flood protection systems, are behind the ECO-Cycle system.

To date they have built five underground storage bicycle storage facilities around the city. The company reports that owners can safely “park” their bikes in a mere 8 seconds.

Cyclists pay a monthly subscription to gain access to the ECO-Cycle, and they are issued a personal card that can be used at any of the storage facilities.

It simply a case of wheeling up to the booth, swipe their card through the reader, and then the machine takes care of the rest.

Tokyo’s Incredible Underground Bicycle Parking System 3

Tokyo’s Incredible Underground Bicycle Parking System

The construction of an underground bicycle storage unit costs 150 million yen ($1,5 million). Not small change by any means.

However, the fact that there are currently 43 ECO-Cycle facilities at 16 locations across Japan, demonstrates the over population problem in Japan’s cities and the fact that citizens clearly like to ride a bike.

(Sources: Dailymail, LATimes)

Tokyo’s Incredible Underground Bicycle Parking

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